Built-In Swift Nest Boxes


The Genesis built-in swift nest boxes are customised for use by swifts. The nest boxes are made from ResCom® Cellular Magnesia Cement board, which makes them highly durable. Rendering plugs are provided and with the ResCom® Cellular Magnesia Cement board nest boxes, they make a very sturdy and hard-wearing homes for swift families.

Genesis Swift Nest Boxes are specially designed for swifts with entrances of 28.5 x 64mm which prevents other birds, such as starlings, from using them. Swifts are an endangered species and need all the help they can get. Genesis Swift Nest Boxes provide them with a home, where they can rear their young in safety.




The Genesis built-in swift nest-box range is made from ResCom® Cellular Magnesia Cement board. You can find information on the material used to build the nest boxes on the Genesis Nest Box Material page.

The Genesis Built-In Swift Nest Boxes front entrances measure 28.5 x 64mm precisely. This helps to prevent other species from nesting in the boxes.

The built-in swift nest boxes are supplied with rendering plugs, ready to be incorporated into your project.

All nest boxes are ready to be incorporated into your building project, only the entrance hole is visible on completion after rendering.

Prices include VAT.

Nest Box Cups will be supplied with your nest box, these help to prevent the birds from accidentally knocking their eggs or chicks out of the nest.



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