Genesis Swift Products

Genesis Swift Products are made especially to help the endangered swift, by encouraging them to use swift nest boxes.They are made from ResCom® Cellular Magnesia Cement board, which is durable and ideal for use in the Irish weather.

The natural nesting places of swifts are in decline, because people are renovating their homes. So, as they have their gutters repaired and their brick and block work repointed, there are less places for swifts to nest.

Genesis swift products can be built into new or existing brick or block walls or fitted externally. This gives the swifts more nest location choices. The swifts are encouraged to visit the nest boxes by a sound system, which plays swift attraction calls to guide the swifts to vacant nest boxes.

The swift nest boxes are painted with Corksol specialist paint, you can read about it by selecting the link.

The Tidy Towns groups in Ireland have been greatly involved in the quest to save the endangered swift. There are photographs in the Gallery, which show some of their projects.

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