Nest Boxes and Sound Systems

Genesis nest boxes and sound systems are made in Ireland. The nest boxes are made from ResCom®  CMC board which is durable and impervious to the Irish weather.

Genesis Nest Boxes and Sound Systems - Installed nest boxes at the Patrician Boys' Secondary School in Newbridge Kildare
Installed nest boxes at the Patrician Boys’ Secondary School, Newbridge, Kildare

Swift Nest Box Features

  • Nest box entrances are 28.5 x 64mm exactly
  • Painted with genuine cork paint
  • Stainless Steel screws, bolts, staples and brackets
  • Hand crafted in the West of Ireland
  • Single, double and triple entry models
  • Anti-predator versions of the single, double and triple nest boxes
  • Exterior mounted and built in, they do not require a lintel
  • Can be plastered, painted and tiled – ceramics or face bricks

Genesis nest boxes and Genesis’ Own Sound System are made to work together. Take care when ordering nest boxes and sound systems together to ensure that you order the correct sound system bracket. The orientation of sound system brackets must be stipulated, as either left, or right.

Read about the Genesis’ Own brand of sound system by CLICKING HERE or alternatively you can purchase your sound system by CLICKING HERE.

If you require a solar powered version, then please contact Stephan directly. This is due to the expensive nature of the purchase and extra information required to tailor make the system.

Genesis Nest Boxes also make standard barn owl, deluxe barn owl and kestrel nest boxes. These 3 nest boxes are sold in a flat pack format to make transporting them easier.