Genesis Swift Nest Boxes

Genesis Swift Nest Boxes are made from ResCom® Cellular Magnesia Cement board. The board is very durable, so it is well suited to the Irish weather. Our swift nest boxes are designed specifically for swifts to use, so all entrances are 28.5 x 64mm exactly. This helps to ensure that other species can not use them.

All nest boxes are available in three sizes, single, double and triple entry boxes. The anti-predator nest boxes have a sloped roof, to ward off predators. It prevents them from using the roof as a platform to raid nest boxes.

The swift nest boxes are painted with Corksol
paint, you can read about it by selecting the link.

Swift Nest Boxes can be tailor made to customer specifications. Stephan de Beer will be only too pleased to manufacture bespoke swift nest boxes or swift towers. They can then be used for specific locations or projects. Stephan’s details are on the contact page.

Some of the swift towers and bespoke nest boxes that have been used in projects can be seen in our Photo Gallery

It is a good idea to use nest cups in the nest boxes because they help to prevent the adult swifts from accidentally knocking the unhatched eggs out of the nest.

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