Owl and Kestrel Nest Boxes

Genesis Nest Boxes make Owl and Kestrel Nest Boxes, as well as the popular swift nest boxes. They are delivered in a flat pack for self-assembly.

They can either be used to establish new nesting sites or be placed where nests already exist to encourage the birds of prey to rear their families in the nest boxes.

There are two different types of owl nest box, the standard owl nest box and the Deluxe nest box. The Deluxe nest box has an inspection aperture and the standard nest box does not.

The Kestrel nest box needs to be positioned high up, because this gives the birds a vantage point for viewing their domain. The kestrel nest boxes come complete with a perch at the front.

The owl and kestrel nest boxes are an excellent way to bird-watch and see birds of prey rear their young.

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