Genesis Nest Box Cups


Genesis Nest Boxes nest cups enable swifts to keep their eggs safely in the nest box. Swifts are not prolific nest builders and need extra help to prevent their eggs from rolling out of the nest. These cups are the ideal solution and give the eggs a bit of security and added protection.



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Genesis nest box cups are a must for all of nest boxes. It enables the swifts to lay their eggs and keep them safe in the nest. Swifts are not prolific nest builders, so they do not spend a lot of time on nest building. The nest cup helps to prevent eggs from accidentally being rolled out of the nest by the adult birds.

Please make sure that you order any Genesis nest box cups with your nest boxes. They have to be incorporated into the nest boxes when your nest box is being built.

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WARNING: Please note that the nest cups are 132 x 132mm and are only suitable for our own nest boxes. Contact us if you require nest cups for other models of nest box.


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