Basic Swift Call Sound System


The Genesis Nest Boxes swift call system is designed to play swift attraction calls on a loop. The kit contains everything needed to play swift attraction sounds. The sound system accompanies the nest boxes to play attraction calls, these calls encourage pairs of swifts to make the Genesis swift nest box their new home. Each kit has a waterproof container to enable it to be active no matter what the weather.



Everything you need to attract swifts to your new Genesis swift nest box.

This sound system consists of: A plug, amplifier, 3 metres of speaker cable, a speaker in a waterproof box and a USB key loaded with swift attraction calls.

It is easily installed in the swift nest box by using pre-fitted cable racks.

The sound system plays swift attraction calls to encourage them to nest in newly installed boxes – this can take more than one season.

Price includes VAT

Don’t forget to purchase your speaker bracket and state whether left or right bracket is required!

Additional information

Weight 1.25 kg
Dimensions 240 × 160 × 110 mm


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