Genesis Nest Boxes is Ireland’s only manufacturer of nest boxes for Swifts, Kestrels, Barn Owls and other species from Magnesium Oxide.

Magnesium Oxide (MgO) board is an earth friendly product that has no “Volatile Organic Compounds” (V.O.C.s), is easy to work with and has many qualities that suit the Irish climate.

Our nest boxes are waterproof, mold proof, vermin proof and fireproof, they do not suffer from condensation inside and will not rot. Our range includes single, double and triple entry Swift Nest Boxes, plain nest boxes, camera ready and built-in.

Our boxes are being used extensively by Wild Kildare, who are doing a mighty job in the area with schools and Tidy Towns.

Our triple entry Swift boxes weigh 7 kg each and all our Swift Nest Boxes come painted, fitted with 2 brackets complete with concrete screws for installing the box.

Genesis Nest Boxes is VAT registered

Congratulations to the Tidy Towns volunteers and committees on their respective successes in the Tidy Towns competition!


A shopping page where you can view and buy our products will be available soon.

Nest Box Features

This board is stocked by us in Killarney and is for sale for construction projects, please contact me for more information by clicking here.

Manufactured from Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Wall Board it is:

  • Waterproof
  • Fire rated for 2.5 hours
  • Mould resistant
  • Termite and Rodent proof
  • Triple entry box weighs only 16kg
  • Recyclable – box 100% – dispose of stainless fasteners separately
  • MgO ground to a fine powder assists in photo efflorescence for plants
  • Guaranteed for life (30 years)
  • Can remain in place year after year

Full house

  • All nesting boxes are feathered and ready for nesting
  • Camera mounting holes predrilled and plugged
  • Cable rack pre-fitted
  • Removable Audio Speaker box
  • Painted with Sandtex Exterior wall paints
  • Stainless Steel screws, bolts, staples and brackets


  • Hand crafted in the West of Ireland
  • Single, double and triple entry at present; quadruple (4) entry available soon
  • Exterior mounted and built in, does not require a lintel
  • Can be plastered, painted and tiled – ceramics or face bricks


Swift Nest Box Sounds

A sound system for Genesis Swift Nest Boxes is now available, it consists of the following:

Genesis Swift Nest Box sound system
Genesis Swift Nest Box sound system
  • 3 metre speaker wire
  • speaker in waterproof box
  • USB stick
  • 12 volt amplifier
  • 240 – 12 volt plug
  • lamp timer

There is also a less expensive version that consists of the following:

  • speaker in waterproof box
  • USB stick
  • 12 volt amplifier
  • 240 – 12 volt plug

Gallery and Videos

Genesis Nest Boxes – Second Generation

  • Stephan de Beer in his Workshop with Paddy Sheridan from Wild Kildare
    Stephan de Beer in his Workshop with Paddy Sheridan from Wild Kildare


Genesis Nest Boxes – First Generation

  • 1, 2 and 3 pair, 1st generation nest boxes
    1, 2 and 3 pair, 1st generation nest boxes


About Us

Genesis Nest Boxes operates from scenic Killarney County Kerry Ireland.

Here in one of the most beautiful places in God’s creation the range of Genesis Nest Boxes, mostly for endangered species is manufactured by hand.

We specialize in commercial nests for Swifts, Barn Owls, Kestrels, Sparrows and Otter Holts, however we also manufacture bespoke nest boxes to suit any situation.

We also manufacture and erect Swift Towers ranging from 12 to 24 nests, fitted with audio, cameras and solar charging facilities. Although we install many of our own commercial boxes, we install all our bespoke boxes and towers ourselves.

In 2010, Dr Brin McDonnell (Duhallow Bird Watch Club) and John Lusby (Bird Watch Ireland) asked Stephan to manufacture the Barn Owl Nest Boxes for the Barn Owl Raptor project in Duhallow (effective 2010 to 2015).

By 2015, most if not all of the boxes made from Marine Ply and fitted in outside locations had started rotting to the extent that they were virtually useless.

This prompted Dr McDonnell to approach Stephan with a view to producing a nest box that would overcome the Irish weather.

Many materials were tried, tested, and rejected, until finally Stephan discovered Magnesium Oxide Wall Board – MgO for short. This board produced only in the Pacific Rim countries and used extensively in the East in the building industry as a substitute for Cement fibre and plaster of Paris boards, we had finally found a suitable product with which to produce our nest boxes.

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Genesis Nest Boxes logo